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This past week I was with a client for whom I do legal work.  I adore her, a retired college professor with a great sense of humor!  She has mobility issues so I usually go to her home to have papers signed.  This last time she also asked me to help her with her IPad (which I bought  for her a couple of months ago.)

I added her email account then it was time to add Amazon Prime.  For 30 minutes we were on the phone because she no longer has the credit card she used to sign up.  REALLY? We finally resolved the issue but she could not have done it on her own.

This begs the question: Bill Gates, Tim Scott, Jeff Bezos – why do you put the onus on us to remember expiration dates, our favorite pet (I have too many!!)  or where we met our spouse.  You’re such tech giants and innovators, why not do a little innovation for today’s seniors that want to use your products? Baby Boomers are the “incoming” seniors and that’s a huge population!  The new mantra is “age in place” and everyone is inventing apps to make life easier. Well, it’s not easier if seniors can’t use them!   Further, if we make these great products more senior friendly it could possibly assist in cognitive function.  You’d be doing the world a favor!

Here’s what we know, individuals are rarely hacked – it’s the Big Box Stores, Banks and Financial Service Companies that are the major targets.  They get hacked then add one or two more “security  functions” for the users  . . . in other words, the user pays for the company’s lack of diligence.  So, here’s one solution – keep the passwords but add voice technology, fingerprint technology – things that make technology “user friendly”.   And, be more proactive with keeping the hackers out!

I say let’s rise up and tell these “tech giants” – the baby boomers are becoming seniors and if you want us to buy and use your product, keep us at the forefront.  Everyone knows the 3 year olds will adapt to whatever you put out there!