Senior Concierge Services

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Is One Family member more ill than the other:

Is it time for one to move?
Is it time for in-home care?
Do you need renovations to the house to ‘age-in-place’?
Affordability – can your family members stay where they are safe?

Parent Your Parents’ Senior Concierge Services expert, Rivka Caroline can analyze your family members “in home needs” as well as options for a move to a smaller place or assisted living.  If a sale of the house is necessary we have expert real estate agents and will manage the move.  We focus on personal care for the elderly, in home support as well as lawyers for the elderly and do as many elder care services at home as is feasible.


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Should They Continue to Live Together:

Nothing is harder than separating a couple who have been married for many, many years.  What we find is that the healthier parent will hide the illness of the other from their children and relatives.  Our mental health expert, Dr. Ronda Fuchs, can assist with the emotional trauma such decisions can often cause.  Often the process of separation can be minimized by in-home care,  downsizing or “decluttering.”  Our expert, Rivka Caroline can also determine if that is a solution for your loved ones.


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What Insurance Policies and other resources are Available

Often parents have taken out all types of insurance policies and not shared them with their children or other family members.  The presence or absence of insurance is what will guide some of the financial decisions that must be made.  Our expert, H. Frances Reaves, Esq., will review what’s in place, discuss options for existing supplemental policies (HMO or PPO) and take a holistic look at what resources and benefits are available such as Vets Aid & Attendance.

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Do They Have all their Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are:

  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Toilet Hygiene
  • Functional Mobility/Transferring – ability to walk, balance, get in and out of bed or a chair  . . .

Benefits from Medicaid, Long Term Care, Veteran’s Aid and Attendance begin after two of these activities are impaired and a doctor must agree. The two most common are Toilet Hygiene and Balance.  Our expert Dr. Carine Porfiri can assist in a cursory review of these activities to prepare the family member(s) for an appointment with the doctor or insurance representative.  We will also work with the health care provider in using the language necessary for the different forms/applications necessary for different benefits and resources.

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Are you prepared for a medicaid look back

To qualify for medicaid your family member cannot have any assets which will place him or her over the poverty level.  The federal poverty level guidelines are approximately $20,000 for a family of two. If you own a home, car, or golf cart – all these are added up and often take families over the poverty level.  However, there are legal vehicles by which you can place all your assets in a trust and be able to qualify for medicaid if need be.   We suggest specific types of trust to guard your assets BUT they must be in the trust FIVE years prior to the application for medicaid assistance.  This is the tricky part — many older folk are loathe to turn over control of their money to anyone.  Horror stories abound of family members taking advantage.  Again — our experts can assist in structuring your assets and income and provide a strategy that takes major illness or dementia into account.

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Have you discussed with your loved one their final goodbye?  Is it burial, is it cremation, do they care?  These, like so many other discussions are hard to have.  Today, there are so many options and price points and we suggest you plan it sooner vs. later.  Parent Your Parents have experts to facilitate the conversation, make the calls, hold your hand and when necessary empty out the home.

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Pricing for Services

Each case is very individualized therefore we charge depending on:
– The services requested
– Experts retained
– How many services are used

We will offer you a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

We work for you and take no referral from:

  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Doctors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Agents
  • Financial Planners

Let’s get started! Contact H. Frances Reaves at 786 418 3303 or use our contact form.