About Parent Your Parents Senior Concierge Services

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Parent Your Parents was born out of the journey H. Frances Reaves and her family traveled once their mother became too demented to live with their father.   It began with the move from their Houston home to Atlanta where they lived in two separate facilities until her Mother’s death.

This experience taught her that most seniors in the United States are ignored by society, the government, business and, sadly, their children.  Most children of elderly parents don’t know how many benefits and resources are available for their parents or ailing family members.

But accessing benefits and resources is fraught with pitfalls!  Some medical professionals, insurance companies, and predators take advantage of the elderly and the ill because they know that seniors no longer have the capacity to check up on the truth.

We advise on the best course for your parents by asking these questions:

  • Does one need more help than the other?
  • Should both move or should only one move?
  • Is it time to sell or downsize?
  • Is all in order with Trust or Will?

Additional Services include:

  • Create an Assisted Daily Living Analysis (ADL) to help you better understand the exact type of care your parents will require.
  • Review possible assisted living centers and come back to you with cost and options.  We do not take referral fees from assisted living centers or nursing homes  We represent you and will monitor the care given to your loved ones
  • Review health care options (usually under Medicare) PPO v HMO and the doctors care
  • Review and monitor Insurance, Long Term Care, and Medical Insurance
  • Advise on Medicaid Look Back services including preparation for Impoverishment
  • Advise on sale of home including the sale and auctioning of home goods
  • Advise on the best movers from house to the next home

Are you ready to start helping Mom and Dad prepare for the future?  Contact Parent Your Parents today for a free consultation.