Recognizing the Power of the Boomer Generation and the Perks of Aging

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As Boomers age, we must live up to our reputation as an explosive generation. Part of the “unseen elder” syndrome is our fault. We allow others to treat us as though we’re not relevant when in fact, we’re the second largest generation (behind Gen Z) with the largest spending power of any generation. How can we possibly allow ourselves to be marginalized? This is not who we are!

Embracing Your Wisdom and Confidence

The magic word is “thrive!” Don’t buy into the belief that you’re old and can’t do things like you used to. In fact, this is a big positive. Think about all the decisions you’ve made in your life and which ones turned out better for you – those you made in your 20s or your 40s? Those you made in your 40s or your 60s? Maturity brings confidence, wisdom, and better decision-making. Why is that? Because we’ve had more life experiences! So why, when we reach “old age,” are many of us willing to settle for mere survival?

Yes, the studies are correct; as we grow older, our memory becomes (a bit) more sluggish. When recalling easy words or ideas, we have lapses, and multi-tasking is more difficult. Yet, as Dr. Agronin writes in The End of Old Age, these studies don’t take into account all the positives associated with growing older, such as:

  • We are more complex, which allows us to pull resources from a myriad of areas.
  • Who said that slower = worse? Usually, taking time on a project means covering all your bases, and it creates a deeper understanding of the task at hand.
  • We have age-developed strengths, such as wisdom and creativity, which we’re much more willing to deploy to find a solution.
  • We know how to compensate! Maybe multiplication and division in our head are slower, but our iPhones and other useful tools are always at the ready!

We’re Not Old, We’re Better

All this is to say, “we’re not over the hill.” In fact, it is our wisdom and creativity that allows us to seek out new opportunities. As we add years, our wisdom becomes a stabilizing force. We experience failures, losses, and heartbreaks during our lives, and we grow from each one. Therefore, when a negative event occurs (hurricane, tornado, illness), we can draw on our wisdom to search for a solution without panicking. As a young mother, you rush to your first child when they fall. By the third child, you yell, “Watch where you’re going!” knowing that kids will fall and heal. That is wisdom at work!

Remember, when we were (much) younger, we couldn’t trust anyone over 30! Now we’re over thirty and trust ourselves much more! So, what is the future? Let’s move forward, thrive, engage, and prove to the other generations that Boomers are still exciting and relevant!

If you or a loved one are a Boomer, remember how valuable you are and what you have to offer to friends, family, co-workers, and the community. I am part of your generation and proud to be aging gracefully and confidently. When you find yourself frustrated by declining health, please reach out to me at Parent Your Parents in Miami, Florida. You may be unaware of simple solutions and resources for a specific problem. Whether you live in Florida or not, I am a senior advocate who helps point you in the right direction. Contact me, Frances Reaves, for a free consultation and elder law support for multiple senior concerns all in one place. If you prefer, you can call 786-418-3303 or email me at