COVID Hypocrisy

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Slowly we’re getting vaccinated, tested and the ‘positivity’ rate is coming down.  We still have all the CDC guidelines in place and the media is warning us of another possible resurgence.  Here’s what we haven’t discussed, “COVID Hypocrisy”.

I live in a condo and when the pandemic first hit many residents were extremely fearful.  A condo building is like one big residence hall.  We share the same elevator, hallways and air.  You could smell the fear and it spawned a “me first” mentality.  I could walk down the hall and there would be newspapers strewn around waiting for pick-up by the janitorial staff.  Others left their shoes out in the hall in case the COVID virus had attached to them.  Empty delivery boxes were left outside for the same reason. In other words, these items might be infected ergo I will not take them into my home but leave them outside for others to be infected.  Not very neighborly.  Yet, these same people did not give up their maids, masseuses or other people who made their life easier and more palatable inside their home.

I was amazed at the hypocrisy of “the no friends from Key Biscayne at the pool” but if your family came to visit from out of town, they were welcome.  Isn’t the risk the same?  My other favorite was the grandkids coming in during Christmas and staying with the same people who had left all their “possibly COVID infected” items outside.  Now the grandkids did it, too.

What about parents who are strict about ‘masking up’, yet, in an effort to work from home unencumbered, they send their children to preschool and have Grandma and Grandpa pick them up.  Then there’s the folks who walk into a restaurant masked up and the minute they sit down the mask comes off – are you more likely to be infected while standing up?

One experience I really enjoyed watching was a meeting where everyone was seated six feet apart and masked.  But the minute the argument got heated the masks came off, and people stood up!  It was almost like drawing your six-gun at OK Corral.  In this case, it’s the opposite of the restaurant scenario.

Perhaps my most favorite is “death by COVID”.  If your loved one just dies from a regular heart attack or car accident it’s almost as if the death doesn’t count.  I can think of countless conversations where someone would mention the death of a loved one and “was it COVID?” was the first question.  Does it matter?  The loss is the same.  Still, in our defense – it’s been a trying year and to many a very scary time.  We’re slowly working are way through it and most of us (99%) have survived. GO ELDERS!