Estate Planning Attorney in Coral Gables, FL

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Estate planning is a process that secures peace of mind for individuals and families by ensuring their financial affairs and health care wishes are respected and enforced. At Parent Your Parents, our mission is to guide Coral Gables residents through the complexities of estate planning with professionalism and legal acumen.

Understanding Estate Planning

Estate planning is the act of preparing for the transfer of a person’s wealth and assets after their passing. It involves the counsel of capable attorneys to ensure that your estate is handled in the manner you wish, with consideration for minimizing taxes, legal fees, and court costs.

Purpose of Estate Planning

The primary objective is to create a clear plan for managing your estate, which includes distributing assets, minimizing estate taxes, appointing guardians for minor children, and stating your health care preferences.

Estate Planning Attorney Coral Gables, FL

Essential Estate Planning Documents

Our services include preparation and management of all key estate planning documents.

Last Will and Testament

A will is foundational to any estate plan, allowing you to distribute your property, appoint guardians for your children, and express your final wishes.

Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney allows you to designate someone to manage your financial affairs if you become incapacitated.

Advance Health Care Directives

These documents express your health care preferences and appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf if you cannot do so.


Trusts can be used for various purposes within estate planning, such as avoiding probate or protecting assets for beneficiaries.

Personalized Estate Planning Strategy

At Parent Your Parents, we craft a strategy that considers your individual circumstances, family dynamics, financial situation, and your wishes for the future.

Asset Analysis and Protection

We assess and advise on how to protect your assets while you’re alive and how to transfer them after you’re gone in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Family Dynamics

Our counsel considers the unique nature of your family relationships and aims to create harmony and prevent disputes.

Succession Planning

For our clients with business interests, we provide succession planning to ensure the smooth transition of ownership and management.

Coral Gables, FL Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning in the Coral Gables Community

Our local presence in Coral Gables means that we are familiar with state-specific laws and regulations that will affect your estate planning.

Florida Estate Laws

We navigate Florida’s estate laws to ensure your estate plan meets all state requirements and best practices.

Community Resources

We can connect you with local Coral Gables community resources that can be integrated into your estate plan.

Estate Planning for All Stages of Life

Estate planning is not only for the retired or wealthy. Regardless of age or asset level, we believe that everyone should have an estate plan tailored to their life stage and goals.

Young Families

We assist young families in establishing plans to protect and provide for their children’s future.

Mid-Life Planning

For those during their careers or business life, we address growing assets and changing family needs.

Retirement Planning

We aid individuals approaching or in retirement in refining their estate plans to reflect life changes and protect their legacy.

Commitment to Our Clients

At Parent Your Parents, we are committed to the highest standards of legal services, client care, and estate planning advisement.

Continual Legal Education

Our attorneys are continually updated with the latest legal developments to ensure your estate plan incorporates the most current laws.

Ethical Standards

We adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that your plan is created with integrity and in your best interest.

Clear Communication

We prioritize clear and understandable communication, explaining the legal complexities of your estate plan in plain language.

Your Next Steps to Secure Your Estate

We encourage you to take the proactive step towards securing your estate and ensuring your wishes are honored.

Contact Us for Consultation

Reach out to our firm to schedule an in-depth consultation to begin your estate planning process.

Customized Estate Planning

Together, we will develop a customized estate planning strategy that reflects your personal objectives.

Implement Your Plan

With your estate plan in place, gain confidence knowing that your wishes are secured, and your loved ones are protected.

Partner with Parent Your Parents

Parent Your Parents is your legal partner in creating an estate plan that serves your needs and reflects your wishes. We take pride in our attentive and comprehensive approach to estate planning for the Coral Gables community.

To explore your estate planning options and to ensure that your legacy is preserved according to your desires, please visit to learn more or to set up an appointment. Let us help you prepare for the future with confidence and clarity.