Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

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The article below was published by Nursing Home Law News.  It was written by Jonathoan Rosenfeld who is the publisher and an attorney.  The best part of this article is that a Girl Scout, Samantha, who is working for her ‘Emergency Preparedness Badge’ found this article and our website and thought it would be a great addition for our resource page.  We couldn’t agree more!!!  We’re publishing it in our blog page today but adding it to our resource page next month.  Thank you, Samantha!

IN AN EMERGENCY, staying safe often depends on having some type of preparedness plan in place. This is particularly true for senior citizens. Whether a person is in a senior care facility or living independently at home, clear steps should be taken to prepare for potential emergencies and their aftermath. When elderly individuals live in a nursing home, the responsibility for creating and implementing these plans is in the hands of the facility’s administration and staff. Seniors who live on their own, however, often must create a preparedness plan for themselves.